The design of many of my sculptures actually starts with the “base” which is the center point of the sculpture.

If you look at "Mountain Bluebird", the base began as piece of scrub oak I found in the field next to my house. It had this beautiful inlaid burl, but I could not figure out how to incorporate it into a piece of artwork. After it sat around my house for a few years, one day I got the courage to take a saw to it. Once I was comfortable with the shape, I then had to decide what I would pair the base with. With many of my sculptures, birds are a theme, so I needed to figure out what regional bird from Colorado would best fit, considering both size and color.

For "Surfs Up". A friend of mine is a woodworker, one day she showed me a small piece of Curly Maple that she was working with. As I looked over the grain, it reminded me of when I was a kid camping on the beach in North Carolina. The surf would wash up on the sand, and then ripple back out to sea. Again, the next step was to determine the sculpture that I would pair with the wood.

As you look through my artwork, see if you can pick the pieces that started with the base first. If you want to know the story behind a particular sculpture, just ask.