Me with my Great Horned Owl sculpture at the 2018 Loveland Sculpture in the Park

Artist Statement

I have created a wide variety of art over the years, and have found sculpture the most satisfying.  Creating a sculpture provides me the ability to create an object that by its nature is still, but gives the perception of life and movement.  In doing so, this allows the viewer the ability to interact with my work.  They can wander around it, touch it, and in some cases even pick it up; creating a personal connection.

I love the process.  Even though I am amazed at how a painting is created, I look at creating a sculpture very similarly.  I start by developing an idea in my mind, and mulling it over until I have the basic premise.  I research the subject trying to understand how it moves, stands, and interact with its environment.  I then begin building from there, adding and subtracting as necessary to develop the final sculpture.

The end result and what I enjoy the most, is creating a visually appealing piece of art that provides a connection and tells a story.

Thank you.

Fred Lunger​