Creating Surfs Up

As an artist, the process of creating a sculpture is a labor of love, where raw materials are transformed into a timeless work of art. In this blog post, I will share the story of how my sculpture "Surf's Up" came to life, inspired by a piece of Curly Maple wood and my memories of the beach. From woodworking and the use of bronze, the artistic process of sculpture creation is a captivating journey that combines creativity, skill, and passion.

The spark of inspiration for "Surf's Up" came when a friend brought in a piece of Curly Maple wood while we were at work. The grain and translucence of the wood reminded me of the rippling waves of the surf, bringing back memories of my experiences on the shores of North Carolina, Hawaii, and other coastal destinations. This inspiration led to the conceptualization of a sculpture featuring baby sea turtles scrambling for the water, symbolizing the sense of adventure and freedom associated with the beach.

Piece of finished Curly Maple

Planning and execution were crucial in bringing the sculpture to life. I carefully sketched out the design, considering proportions, poses, and textures. Then, using woodworking and sculpting techniques, I shaped the Curly Maple wood to create the rippling waves, while paying close attention to the anatomy, expressions, and movement of the turtles.

Photo by Darwis Alwan from Pexels

The finishing touches were vital in achieving the final result. I sanded the wood to shape the surface and applied a protective finish to enhance its natural beauty. The bronze turtles and water were carefully patina’d, adding a touch of sophistication to the sculpture.

In conclusion, the creation of "Surf's Up" was a labor of love, driven by artistic inspiration and memories of the beach. The process involved woodworking and the use of bronze, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and artistic skill that goes into sculpture creation. As an artist, the journey of transforming raw materials into a work of art that tells a story and evokes emotions is a truly fulfilling one.